There is so much information and what a great ebook. One of the best things about this mental math ebook is that you don’t have to learn every technique. You can choose the ones you want to concentrate on. You get two ebooks over 2000 pages plus 100 mental math videos. Great!


I’m always been afraid of math but with this mental math ebook I can do math rather easily, a lot easier than I thought possible. I am recommending it to my friends and their children. I’ve learned a few mental math techniques in just a few minutes like multiplying a three digit number like 123 by 11.


Wow. I have never been taught these types of methods while I was in school. I have not read the whole eBooks but scanning through the table of contents for materials I have seen some amazing math methods.


This is such a great product. Over 2200 pages of mental math material and 100 mental math tutorial videos. You can’t ask for more.


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I am very impress by the material of the two ebooks. By what I have read so far, the math techniques are taught in simple step by step procedures unlike many systems when you buy them, they seem to skip a few steps in between leaving you clueless.


I have read many types of ebooks/books and you can tell if someone has put a lot of effort and time into a project. Definitely, the author or authors have been very dedicated and motivated in making this ebook considering the size and layout including the videos. Math is a subject that will probably never change so I would bet this ebook will be here a long time to come.


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The materials taught in this product is why Asian kids in general are smarter than westernized kids in math because they have access to these kind of methods in their country from a young age. I love the materials in this product. I hope I can learn them all lol!