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View the leftmost or first video on “HOME” page to get summary of Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook. Fourteen subjects are covered from math addition to basic algebra.

Here are some features unique to the Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook.

  • The Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook is written in a unique style or format for easier learning allowing for the methods to be mastered through simple step by step procedures.
  • The mental math methods have taken several years of long hours almost daily to be developed and tested.
  • The color coding and simple illustrations provide visuals that help make and mastering the methods easier while enhancing the overall learning experience.
  • Hundreds of examples are available. One of the best ways to learn something is making it easy to read, providing illustrations, and working through the many examples. To be a good mechanic requires more than reading a book specific to repairing cars. The mechanic must be able to use the concepts in real-world applications by actually handling and servicing cars. Examples in the eBook give insights into how numbers interact while arousing curiosities about the mythologies involved and invoking critical thinking.
  • The mental math knowledge contained in the eBook serves as a life time investment. The methods are unaffected by the change of technology. The way the mental math methods are expressed or delivered may change but the inner workings remain the same, though some may be modified (not required), but the existing ones are still applicable in solving for the answers.

Browse Through The Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook Samples Pages

The video shows an overview of comparisons between standard or traditional math and mental math methodologies for several math problems on some math subjects, including but not limited to addition, subtraction, multiplication, squares, cubes, and so forth. Specific comparisons are also provided below on this page after this section (click the images after this part to see the comparisons).

Even though many mental math methodologies are bound by core math principles, many of those core principles do not encourage manipulations of the numbers for a deeper understanding of how numbers interact among themselves and with other numbers or how relationships between the numbers offer insights to alternative solutions that are quick and easy in many cases. Critical thinking and reasoning capacity are held in a “box” and can only be explored within the limitations of what the “box” entails. Think of an ant living in a bottle. The life of that ant is restricted to everything within the environment of what the bottle can offer. Basically, the life of the ant is dependent upon the capacity and nature of the bottle.

Mental math views and manages mathematics from a different vantage point. It consists of not only the reverse engineering of numbers but a new paradigm of thoughts and processes, which has been around for centuries but been under utilized in most parts around the world. Mental math processes are designed for providing many solutions in a fast manner in many instances, but they also involve creating unique solutions not easily defined even on paper. However, most important of all, the limitation of mental math is only restricted to your own curiosity and imagination giving you the power and control of creativity within yourself.


On top is a typical multiplication problem solved using standard math methodologies.

The math problem is really asking to find the total for twenty-five values of 137 or one hundred thirty-seven values of 25.

Here is an overview of what is needed to solve the answer.

  • The arithmetic process involves multiplying the ones digit of 25 to every digit of the top number (137).
  • The next step is to do the same for the tens digit of 25.
  • One line of computations is required per digit based on the number of digits of the bottom number or 25 in this case.
  • The answer is produced from adding the values created from the multiplication processes of both lines, one place value at a time beginning from the rightmost side.


Several techniques are available for finding the answer for the same math problem, and two are provided for here from a mental math perspective.

Within this technique, there are two variances: (i) quotient and remainder format and (ii) decimal format. Both variances initially use the step of dividing the number by 4 but the step after is different.

The variant used here is the quotient and remainder where a quotient and remainder are required.

The technique is based on the value of 25 and since 25 is one-fourth of 100, it allows 137 to be divided by 4.

The answer is created from joining the quotient of 34 to the product between the remainder (1) and 25.

34, (R 1 * 25)
34, 25


Mental math techniques are pretty simple to learn and apply. With the understanding of base amounts, the same math problem can be solved so quickly that it is almost unbelievable.

This technique is quick, accurate, manageable, and effective.

Here is how the answer is produced.

(31 + 3), 25
34, 25

And that’s it. The technique essentially has one part, but the answer is simplified in two portions with the creation of the second portion of the answer in the same part.

Depending on the numbers present, multiplication may not even be required to find the answers in some cases such as the math problem discussed here.

Below are some examples for solving math problems using the standard method we learned in school versus the methods in the Mental Math Unleash The Power eBook. Click on each image to see an example. Compare the thought processes or logical thinking between the two methods.


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