The OTHERS section is the last of the six major sections in this app. This section contains a wide variety of information such as learning basic general math as in addition, subtraction, and multiplication, along with math tables such as squares, cubes, and multiplication, and other items such as brain teasers, additional games in reference to the general math concepts introduced, and many others.

This is the WHY part of the OTHERS section. The WHY part gives basic information on why mental math techniques or shortcuts work. The explanation in this case is on multiplying numbers ending in 5 with the same value.

Here is another sample from the WHY part. Computations along with explanations are given in explaining how a technique works. More than one explanation may be provided for review.

This is the BRAIN TEASER part of the OTHERS section. Several brain teasers are provided with two math problems given for each teaser which teaches solving certain types of problems quickly.

This is a  MULTIPLICATION table in the OTHERS section. The table is from 1 to 10 separated by groups. The program gives the answer to each individual expression by pressing that expression and it also provides groupings.

This is a SQUARES table in the OTHERS section. The table is from 1 to 100 separated by groups. If you press a number, the square value of that number is displayed on top. By pressing a group, the whole group is displayed in a popup box.

This is a CUBES table in the OTHERS section. The table is from 1 to 100 as with the SQUARES table separated by groups. Even for mental math, some square and cube values are needed for learning certain techniques more efficiently.

Three basic math subjects in the OTHERS section such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication are taught from general math principles point of view  does not involve mental math concepts.

This is one of the three different general math programs with six total. Press The EXAMPLES button to start the program. Then press the S1 button to begin the first step and so forth.

After pressing the EXAMPLES button to start the program, use the S1-S3 buttons to go through the math problem a step at a time. Explanations are also included for each step.

Easy to follow with explanations, this program allows the user to learn how to multiply two digit numbers to each other a step at a time. Two multiplication programs are provided, 2 by 1 and 2 by 2.

One of the game format is based on four choices. The games range from single math subjects up to four (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). In this game you select the sum for a problem.

The game on the left is modified here. The goal is to find the missing piece of the expression as the answer. Get as many correct answers as possible with a count down timer. At the end press the REPORT button to get your achievement level.

Several games of this nature are provided in the app. This program is based on adding single digit numbers to a current total. The current total becomes the new total. Keep going as long as you can and when an incorrect answer is entered the program ends.

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